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  • test case missing at next open

    i create a sets of test cases,but when i reopen testlog (standalone),all the test cases is missing.only left the project title.
    I found that under my database folder,project/project name/project test cases/, all files are .tlg format.
    then i just create a new folder,put all the .tlg files inside,and create a new .tgp file. i can see again the test cases again.
    I really don't know how do I create the test cases like that way at first.
    hopefully somebody can answer my question.

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    How deep is the full path on disk to the database and the test cases? How many levels of test suites down are they being create or are they in the first suite under "Project test cases"?


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      the database stored in hardisk is only up to 3levels,and the test suite is only at 1st level.


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        What is the full path the files in question? You can get issues like this is the path is too long (longer than supported by Windows).
        What O/S are you using?
        What version of Testlog are you using?


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          winXP,testlog 1023.
          anyway,the problem cannot duplicate now after i manually add a folder, one .tgp file and put all .tlg test cases inside the folder.