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  • Need to Mark Suite Complete

    I would like to see the ability to indicate a suite's status in a project. The status list would be something like this:
    • Not Started
    • In Progress
    • All Test Cases Attempted

    Pretty please?

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    If the TestLog options there is a "Show extra information for test suites and project test suites" option, when checked this will show the total expected time, total actual time and the percentage of test cases passed for top level project test suites (and total expected time for test suites). This should offer close to what you are looking for.


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      I Am Not Getting IT

      I have the option to "Show extra information for test suites and project test suites" set but do not see where any extra information is showing up. I went to your online help and read the section over carefully and do not understand how to see any extra project suite information.

      Thanks, Bob


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        It would be nice to have the suite status indicated with a different color suite icon similar to the way test cases are done.


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          It can only show the extra info on the top level, eg the Test Cases or Project Test Cases directory, otherwise the list of test case / test suites would need to be slit into two separate entities for it to make any sense.

          When you have the Project Test Cases folder selected in the tree view there should be three extra columns visible at this level instead of just ID and Title.