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Integrating with IssueView (bug tracker)

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  • Integrating with IssueView (bug tracker)

    I have a customer who wants to integrate TestLog with IssueView (our bug tracking product). She specifically asked about using your View and Add functions. I downloaded your app and installed it, and found that I had an expired trial. I happen to use your Zoom indexer, and I must have tried TestLog at some point because I was so impressed with Zoom. Can I get a new trial license so I can do some testing?

    We do have the ability to open issues based on a command line. But IssueView is multi-project, and there's no guarantee that an Issue ID is unique across all projects. So part of our command line includes the Project (we use a MIME link):

    In looking at TestLog, it appears that it is multi-project as well. Is there any facility for passing a Project on the command line for the View and Add functions? The user would be responsible for synchronizing the project names.

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    We've recently downloaded a trial version of IssueView to test how well TestLog can be used with it.

    For web based bug trackers TestLog will combine what's in the debug option path with the contents of the fault report ID fields, which makes it easy to combine something like "http://localhost/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=" with the ID to show the bug.

    For program based bug trackers it is a bit harder, as the option path has to be the link to an executable and the bug ID is treated as the command line parameters, so if any project specific command parameters are included in the bug id in the test case it should launch the program and open the bug id.


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      IssueView handles the parameters fine

      It's not a question of a Web-based tracker versus a Desktop application. We have a Web interface, and the same issue exists. We expect a Project along with the id. Here's a live link (UserID: Demo, no password)\Bug%20Tracking&I ssue=1

      Note that we still have the Project. Having the project helps link a Testlog Project with an IssueView project. The problem is more acute when creating a new Issue. When the user clicks the 'Add' button in Testlog, how do we know which project to add the issue to? I suppose we could pop up a 'Select Project' dialog, but it would be nice if testlog supported a parameter for View and Add that would get replaced with the current project at run time. We use %Project%. So the above link would be entered into Test log as ...DetailsView.aspx?Project=%Project%&Issue=1


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        Ok i understand the problem better now, we'll add a %TL_PROJECT% flag for the next release, for both the view and add bug paths.


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          Don't forget to URL encode the Project Path

          Thanks for adding %TL_PROJECT%, that should do the trick. Note that if the project has spaces you need to handle them. You might want to have %TL_PROJECT% and %TL_PROJECT_HTML%. The latter is would return a URL Encoded string (MY PROJECT is encoded as MY%20PROJECT).

          When do you expect the next release?


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            There should be a new release in the next few weeks.