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Filter ? no way to show only filtered items?

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  • Filter ? no way to show only filtered items?

    hey just a quick question,

    when i am filtering for failed tests,
    is there no way of seeing Only the failed items without going through every category?

    for example i have many subcategories for seperate programs,
    i created a filter that equals test failed,

    now it seems the filter only seems to work when i bring up the last suite
    then i can see only 1 of say 7 tests that failed. (on the right)

    because when i open up the root suite it only shows the 3 sub suites..
    then i must go through till the end of every suite

    so basically i have to filter it myself ??
    can send screenshots if needed

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    ok, so i manage to see all failed test with the report wizard, this must be the only way ?


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      Currently yes the easiest way to see all the test cases for a particular filter is to create a list report and use the filter during creation (you can then double click on the entries in the list report to open the particular project test case).