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Web access licenses blocked?

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  • Tim (PassMark)
    If a user closes the browser without logging out they will remain logged in until the timeout expires (:TIMEOUT: in the CGI config file) and the sessions files are deleted by TestLog. As TestLog isn't running as a service this can only happen when the TestLog CGI is running and specifically starts the cleanup and this is only happeneing on the user login screen. We'll make some changes so the cleanup routine is also run when viewing the database list.

    Currently every time you log into a database a new session file and cookie is created, we'll look into combining the logins so essentially only one session file is used which should allow multiple logins.

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  • Alex
    started a topic Web access licenses blocked?

    Web access licenses blocked?


    We have bought several web access licenses I wondered, why always 2 users seem to be online. I asked around but none of our testers were locked in for 2 days and all had closed their browsers during this time (weekend). Who could be using the licenses?

    Also, when switching between databases (enter database 1 (1/x licenses used), click on Home link, enter database 2 with same account (2/x licenses used)) a new license is used for each entry. It seems that I have to explicitly log out before using another database.
    Could you implement in your licensing system that a license is only requested per machine and user? (not just for each user...)