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TestLog and file locking and debug log

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  • TestLog and file locking and debug log

    I'm having an issue with a team member who is constantly running into problems with file locking.


    TestLog database setup on file share on remote server with permissions wide open
    3 users with TestLog installed locally (we tried the web UI but didn't really like it, sorry)

    One user is creating test cases with short paths (I've verified this) and about every third or fourth new test case entry he receives the message "Unable to create new file. Access is denied"

    I'd emailed earlier, but a reboot seemed to "solve" the problem. Now, three reboots later, it's getting a little cumbersome. Wondering if anyone is having this issue. As for myself and the other teammate, we're not having any issues, and we've verified that his configuration is the same as ours.

    We've checked the TestLog debug file and there's nothing in there indicating a problem. However, as far as log files go, it doesn't seem to be verbose enough, and the default date/time is not set to system time, but rather future time (another issue).



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    Responded via email, could be a possible bug in the file write permission check by TestLog. This post will be updated if the bug/solution is confirmed.