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What port does Apache use, can it be changed?

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  • Tim (PassMark)
    More than one apache instance will use more resources than a single one but there shouldn't be a problem running more than one providing they are configured correctly, this is more of a question for the Apache forum / help documents though.

    The TestLog help file has a section called "Accessing TestLog Remotely - Web Access" which deals with installing and running the web version, this is included in the TestLog download in HTML format. The default Apache port is 80 and TestLog will work if you change the port to something other than the default. TestLog doesn't run as a service, it's a compiled binary that executes as a CGI file when accessed.

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  • Irishlifer
    started a topic What port does Apache use, can it be changed?

    What port does Apache use, can it be changed?

    I am going to be installing another application on the server that has Testlog installed and this also uses Apache web server, in fact i am going to be installing multiple versions of Apache giving each install a different port number to run under.

    My question is: As this is a production server do you see any potential problems using additional Apache instances on the samer server as Testlog.
    Also what are the default settings for the Testlog install i.e. what port does Apache use? Can I change the default port? Also does this run as a service and if so what is the name of the service.

    I had a look through the site and I couldn't find the testlog install settings on your site, do they exist and if so could you provide me with the URL