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Problems with import .xls

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  • Tim (PassMark)
    Hi Sarah,

    I've sent you two example CSV files that were made by exporting from the sample database so they will probably be similar to what you already created. If you are still having problems trying to import after editing your files could you please send me your .CSV, Excel is notorious for removing empty fields which could be causing the problem.

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  • Sarah
    started a topic Problems with import .xls

    Problems with import .xls


    I saved my .xls as a .csv (ms dos).
    I created the fields in order like it is described in the user manual page 21.
    Above on this page there is a picture, I thougt I need one field (in .xls) for one field name e.g. type, test suite, ID... (see table on page 21).

    But this is wrong, isn't it?
    And what about the field name type, the only values can be case or suite, is this right?

    Maybe someone could send me an example .xls and the corresponding .csv after changing the data type.
    I loaded the example database, made an export, changed some values and like to import the file again but get many parse errors and after all error dialoges Testlog shut down automatically...