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Some question listed in the contents before give a order

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  • Tim (PassMark)
    1. No, a tester can see/access all test cases from a database they have been given web permission to access. There currently isn't a way to use filters or list reports to display only the cases a test is assigned to in the web version.

    2. No, a more in depth user control/notification system is something we have on our list of requested features and we'll be considering it for the next major version.

    3. Is the image stored on a web server or a local file server / system? If it stored locally then the web version won't be able to access and display it.

    4. You can change the current template being used in the web version by clicking on the configure link in the top right. You can edit the templates (they are HTML based) to change colours, fonts, size and layout if you want, see the "Display Templates" section in the TestLog help for more information.

    There are no different/extra features in the registered version compared to the trial version.

    5. The "update all" is only available in the standalone desktop version of TestLog (not the web version), so any user can use this feature if they are using the desktop version.

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  • Some question listed in the contents before give a order

    Hi Admin,

    I upload testlog trial version V3.0 /build 1029 and setup already.
    and I prefer to order it but some questions confused to me, please help

    1.A tester in Web view can view/edit his remaining / un-finished tests case only?

    I means that testers would like to know clearly how many test cases they have not finished (non-pass, non-fail, postoned, not any result).

    I only see tester's name , location and read/write/edit authority only in the Panel

    2.Does Testlog has a mail tracking system ? If I create a test case then assign a tester to test , he should receive a notice mail to catch up schedule , I have not see any words in the help file , Do you have any plan for next version?

    3.In web view, tester seems cannot see pictured showen in the test case content if I create a test case and add a image file (hyperlink) in the any filed .

    But When I expert a web report (html files) , I can see desried image showen in the report , what's the happened ?

    4.If I order web access kit, testers can see different view from trial version? currently the view of trial run version is n't friendly. Any new features in licensed version?

    5. I tried trial version, only Adm can do action "update all test cases" , but I believe that tester (end users) need it more than Adm, Do you have this function?