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  • Testlog integrqration with Jira

    Currently we are using Jira to track our bugs and recently started using TestLog for testcase management. I noticed options to configure Jira on the settings page. But i am not sure how it creates a new bug in Jira when some test fails. Is there any option where you can say "create bug" in the configured bug tracking tool (jira in my case) , if there is one, i cannot find.

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    There is a guide on configuring TestLog to use external bug trackers here and there is more JIRA specific information on this JIRA support page.

    TestLog can't automatically send an retrieve information from within JIRA, so you would need to click on the "Add" button in the project test case edit window, which would open the create issue page in JIRA (http://hostname/secure/CreateIssue.jspa). You can then add the required information to the issue and save it, then you would need to add the new issue number in the Fault report ID field to TestLog and save the test case.
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