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HTML Editor and special charachters

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  • HTML Editor and special charachters

    I'm used to use testlog to manage my test cases; most of the time, those are written in English without using special characters or without having long description requiring to use underlines, bullets and so on.
    Now, some testers are using the html editor and are writting in French with characters like , , etc ...
    When you close the ditor, the testcase becomes unreadable because the unicode value appears instead of the charachter itself; the bullets do not apear any more.
    Strange enough, in browse, the French characters are displayed correctly.
    Whats the problem, how to address it ?

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    TestLog is not a Unicode application so it cannot handle or save Unicode characters directly. Characters such as ", , " should be fine as these are still (extended) ASCII and can be pasted directly into TestLog.

    However when using the HTML editor it should convert these to HTML entities on saving (é, à, &#x00E8 ;. So they will still display correctly when the test case is viewed but not when being edited as the actual HTML coding will be displayed in TestLog once the HTML editor is used.

    Most Unicode characters should follow the same process in the HTML editor, eg "Ѐ , Ё, Љ" will be converted to "Ѐ , Ё, Љ".


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      OK, thanks


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        Thank you Tim for sharing this information i was also wondering why its not showing in even in the test case. Now i have converting them all into html entities its perfectly showing. Thanks Again!