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Using TestLog with Version Control software

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  • Using TestLog with Version Control software

    We'd like to use TestLog with our version control software (Team Coherence). TestLog seems to track only the date of the latest change, but we'd like to track all text changes.

    Since TestLog files are XML files, I assume that I all I have to do is check the existing tests into source control, and then check out individiual test files out as necessary, make changes, and then check in. Check ins and outs will have to done outside of TestLog.

    Will TestLog choke when some of its XML files are marked read only by the source control program?

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    If the files are marked as read only then you will get some error messages like 'access is denied', when doing certain actions, like trying to edit a test case.

    You should still be able to open and view test cases however.



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      Followup: I check out the entire test folder tree in my version control system, edit tests as needed, and check the folders back in with the version control system.