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Button for timestamp for "last attempt" -1 hour

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  • Tim (PassMark)
    It seems to be retrieving the system time instead of the time adjusted for the local time zone so this will be changed in the next release.

    The check box is there as when a test case is first created it may have no last attempt time, without the check box this would always be set and saved to the current time when editing. It should appear as "N/A" however if the check box is not checked.

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  • cveen
    started a topic Button for timestamp for "last attempt" -1 hour

    Button for timestamp for "last attempt" -1 hour

    Bug in version V3.0 Build 1001:

    If I press the button next to the "last attempt" field in a project test case, the "last attempt" time stamp is updated with the current date and time - 1 hour .

    (It looks like Day Light Saving time is not taken into account)

    Additional question:

    Why do I have to mark the field "Last attempt" before it is shown in the Style sheet? (Is there a functional reason?)