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Testlog 3.0 Build:0005-Testlog crash after clicking a test case name

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  • Testlog 3.0 Build:0005-Testlog crash after clicking a test case name

    Today I installed a testlog3.0 for free trial. But after I click a test case name a warining message pops up:"TestLog.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." and I can not continue to use it.

    who can tell me the reason?

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    This looks like one of the old beta builds, could you please download the current release, and try this version.

    If this still crashes could you please tell us some details about you system, such as the version of Windows you are using and if possible please provide us with the crash address (which you can take a screen shot of after following the "click here" link on the crash window).


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      Thank you very much!
      I have download the current release provided by you and installed again, but the problem still here.

      There are some detail information, hope it can help you to prod this problem.

      My windows: windows xp professional Version 2002 Service Pack 2

      Error signature after click here:
      AppName: testlog.exe AppVer: ModName: unknown
      ModVer: Offset: 00e98333


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        Is this happening for only a particualr test case or for any test case? If you create a new test case are you able to view that without any problems?


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          The problem happened not only when clicking any test cases but also when clicking any testers, filters, and resources, so does new test cases.


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            Strange problems. Have Testlog 3.0 build 1002 up and running on a Windows XP PRO SP2 machine without any of the problems you are talking about.


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              It may be the files from the beta version are corrupt in some way, if you could send them to me at timr [at] passmark [dot] com i can look into what's happening.


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                What files do you need from me? My Testlog 3.0 build 1002 was downloaded via the link you provided( ).
                Is it possible due to the testlog 2.X I had used for 90 days for free before testlog 3.0 installation?
                Hope the information helps.


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                  If you could send me the files from the database that is causing the crash that would great.