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Editing existing HTML templates

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  • Editing existing HTML templates

    I am attemping to edit the existing HTML templates so I can get an HTML report that has only the information I need. However, I am running into some difficulty. I have read the manual, and it states, "There is a set of default templates located in the templates directory where TestLog is installed, to add your own template files create a new directory in the templates directory, copy the existing templates into this directory and edit them as you please." I have copied the "Classic" template folder.

    I am assuming that the final HTML report is an accumulation of all the HTML files in a particular template director. If I am wrong in making that statement, please correct me. For instance, I have figured out that "ProjectTemplate.html" is used at the very top of the HTML report. After editing "ProjectTemplate.html", I have the desired look at the top of my HTML report. Now, i am not sure which HTML file to edit next. Could someone please explain the order in which the HTML report is pull information? I already know "ProjectTemplate.html" is the first HTML file used. Which HTML file is second, third, etc. Hope this all makes sense.

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    The template used for each section is generally the corresponding template for the type of item, so PrjTestSuiteTemplate.html for the project tests suite views and PrjTestCaseTemplate.html for the project test cases etc. The exception is for list views of reports, these are statically generated elements that use the "List" and "ListHeading" CSS class names.