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auto-fill time & date of last attempt?

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  • auto-fill time & date of last attempt?

    When we execute test cases in the web interface, it seems logical that the time and date of last attempt should populate with the current date and time, or at least have a button to set those fields to 'now'. Currently those fields default to n/a for the time, and no date (i think it actually puts in Jan 1, but no year). It turns out the time when left at the default is invalid, so you cannot actually save it without changing this to a hh:mm:ss time format, so you have to type something in there.

    If you are updating these test cases as you test, it seems like it would be helpful to have these fields auto-fill, either by default or with a button, like you can in the standalone application. In it's current state, this field is not all that useful because of the time it takes to fill in the information, but the data gained from using it can be very informative for progress tracking.