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"Build" field filled with first build

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  • "Build" field filled with first build

    If you open a "project test case" which is "not yet attempted ", the "Build tested" field is automatically filled with the first build from the dropdown list. (even if it is not saved in the database)

    This selection works differently on "Version tested". This field is "blank" when you open a testcase which is not executed yet. (Which is correct)

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    I can see the inconsistency here, it will be changed so that when new project test cases are created or dragged from the test cases branch there will be no selection for the build & version test field.


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      confirmed solved in v3.0 build 1003


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        It hasn't been fixed yet as it was reported after the last release , currently if you're creating a project test case by dragging a test case into a project, the version and build fields are created empty, but the build field is selecting the first entry by default. If you create a new project test case from scratch (without a previous test case) both build and version select the first entry as default.

        In the next release both instances have changed to have no selection made for the build and version list. New entries have also been added to the default value tab in the customise fields dialog for build and version. Setting these will override the default behaviour and use the values selected when creating a new project test case.