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  • Error in Progress report

    bug in version V3.0 build 1003:

    I cannot quite put my finger on it,
    but there seems to be an error in the "progress report"

    I generate a "progress report" and a "status report" at the same time.

    The status report indicates:
    40 tests; 2 passed, 2 failed, 36 not yet attempted (which is correct)

    The progress reports indicates:
    31 not yet attempted (yellow line)
    7 passed tests (geen line)
    2 failed (red line)

    (I have examined all the history of all project testcases. There is no Test history except for "Test creation". Sometimes the date/time indicated is " ,00:00:00" )


    The default colours for "Other" and "Postponed" in the Progress report have been switched in comparison with previous versions. Why?
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    The progress report is very dependant on the start/finish date times for the project and the test case history for each report, if they only have a create entry and no other updates then the progress report will interpret that as no changes being made to the test case and it's status will be the same throughout the report. It sounds like 5 of the test cases have incomplete histories, or the changes to their status happened outside the date range of the project.

    The colours for the progress report shouldn't have changed, unless they have been edited through the customise fields dialog.


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      The "progress graph indicates 7 testcases as "Pass", but there are no "passed testcases" (or in their test history)


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        I found out the problem which is causing the problem:

        A number of test cases do not have an event "Test creation" in the "Test history".

        If a testcase only has an event "test case updated" , it is put in the "passed" (green) line in the progress report.

        I do not know how these testcases are missing the "testcase created" event.

        If I re-set the test case and re-build the test case history, they appaer corrrectly in the graph.

        Additional; A number of testcases have the "testcase created" event, but have a date/time stamp ",00:00:00"


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          Hello, me again

          I have also analyzed the 2 problems in the prevous reply:

          1) If you create a test case directly in a project and save it, no event "test creation"is created in the "test history"

          (this is causing the error in the progress graph)

          2) a) If you drag a testcase from the "Test Cases" folder into a project, a Project test case is created (including a "Test Creation" event with a current date/time stamp).

          b) When you execute this test case (example: status = passed, attempt=1, actual duration=00:10) and press "Ok". a second event (Test Update) is created with a date/time.

          However, the first event (Test Creation), now has a date/time stamp ;00:00:00.