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errors in creating project test case events

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  • errors in creating project test case events

    bug in v3.0 buils 1003:

    1) If you create a test case directly in a project (example; only ID, title ) and save it, no event "test creation" is created in the "test history"

    (this is causing the previous reported error in the progress graph)

    2) a) If you drag a testcase from the "Test Cases" folder into a project, a Project test case is created (including a "Test Creation" event with a current date/time stamp).

    b) When you execute this test case (example: status = passed, attempt=1, actual duration=00:10) and press "Ok". a second event (Test Update) is created with a date/time.

    However, the first event (Test Creation), now has a date/time stamp ;00:00:00.

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    Thanks for reporting that, i've been able to reproduce it so it will be fixed in the next release.