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suggestion: Folders for Projects

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  • suggestion: Folders for Projects

    A suggestion for a future release;

    I have been using Testlog for a while now.
    The number of projects in the "tree view" increase rapidly.

    Maybe it is an idea to add a function to group projects together (much like test suites/ cases). In that way I can create a folder for projects which are "closed", "in progress" and "planned". Or group them per application, or type of test.

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    I think that's a great idea and would be really useful. The help file suggests archiving projects by creating new databases, but sometimes it's nice to have information more quickly at your disposal without having to switch databases.


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      We'll keep this in mind for a future version as a way of archiving old projects, as this folder could potentially get very large we'd also have to think about ways of skipping that section of the database when loading and only loading on demand to cut down the amount of time spent processing it when loading / refreshing the database.