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Question about builds and licenses

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  • Question about builds and licenses

    I'm having trouble getting my recently-purchased license to work in TestLog, possibly because I'm having to manually type it in rather than copying and pasting it from the email. Unfortunately I am forced to do it this way and there's really no way around it, for reasons I can't go into.

    Anyway, I just wanted to double-check that I'm doing everything else correctly. The FAQ page about registering/licenses mentions making sure that the version you have installed is the version you purchased and have a key for. I take that to mean that I need to make sure that I have TestLog 3.0 installed and not version 2.x, but does build version (i.e. I have the latest 1005 but the license may have been purchased when 1003 was the latest) matter? I assume build doesn't matter but wanted to check, just to be sure.

    Thanks. I *love* TestLog. It's really helping me stay organized and keep good records of my test activities.

    Question answered: build number does not matter. Turns out I had bad information for the User Name. All is well now.
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    That's correct, minor builds doesn't affect the licence key. The only time the licence key will be affected is if we do a major upgrade (like from version 2 to 3) or we change the current key system for security reasons (which we have never done up to now for Testlog).