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  • Customization?

    My group just purchased TestLog. Is this application customizable? I am thinking along the lines of Mercury Quick Test Pro. For example I would like to be able to increment the "Test Attempts" each time a test was executed. I would like to hide some of the labels/fields in the Status and Test Description tab.

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    Some customisation is possible, it depends on exactly what you want.

    Testlog doesn't know when a test execution attempt has been completed and so it is not in a position to accurately increment this field in an automated fashion.

    Some fields can be re-labeled from the Settings / Customize menu.

    You can also hide fields from being displayed in the HTML style display (and hard copy prints) by editing the template files. This doesn't change what is displayed in the data entry dialog windows however.


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      Some of the customizations that are already available in the test case form are: Notes field labels, Test Type drop-down, Test Phase drop-down, Versions, and Builds. Here are some customizations I'd love to see in addition to the above:

      - Priority (e.g., L1, L2, etc., instead of "lowest" to "highest", something that has more meaning to me and I can have less or more than five choices)
      - Review state (or maybe just Status, a new drop-down I requested in a different post, e.g., Not Reviewed and Complete)
      Last edited by nsBB; Jul-03-2008, 05:03 PM. Reason: I originally said there were six priority choices. There are only five. I changed six to five.


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        Priority customisation is something that will probably be added in the next major version as some of the required internal changes have already been made.

        As i said in the other thread we'll keep the new field in mind.


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          I posted a way to automatically increment the test attempts field if you are using the Web interface for testlog. The web interface is typically much more customizable (in that you can choose which fields are visible and editable, and relabel them however you want), and once you get it set up properly, works great. I'd suggest using the web interface for all testing, and use the standalone app for management level tasks. With a little searching on the web for HTML and javascript, you can find plenty of ways to tailor the web app to your needs.

          As for drop-down lists, HTML has a drop-down list control that you should be able to use. I've never tried integrating it into testlog, but i'm sure there's a way to hack it on there.