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  • When using a WLAN connection.......

    When using a WLAN connection, what causes my laptop to slow connectivity and even disconnect?

    My laptop uses a WLAN connection and I connect when I use it at home to my Linksys router. When I start using the Internet, my connectivity is 54 Mbps during my connection. Then my connectivity drops from 54 to 1.1 Mbps and makes my system slow and sometimes disconnects me from my router. What causes this?There could be many reasons. Any idea!

    How to manage Network?
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    Wireless is never very reliable. And you never get the wireless throughput the manufacturer's claim. It suffers from interference, has security problems, is hard to setup correctly and some wireless devices from different manufacturers are incompatible with each other.

    So if you can, just use a CAT-6 cable and a Gbit router and enjoy a stable ~700Mbit/sec instead of ~12Mbit/sec.

    Othewise try switching channels on your router.


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      The speed drops are normally related to signal strength, with a poorer signal providing a slower speed. Are the any obstruction between your AP and where you are connecting to it from?

      Any microwaves or 2.4ghz phones that could be causing interference and dropping the signal strength (or oither wireless networks on the same channel)?

      Large bodies of water (like water tanks, water heaters) can also absorb a lot of the signal if it close to the access point or between you and the access point.