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  • Am I in the right place?

    I hope this product will do what I need. If I am out of my mind, please let me know. I am not a firm believer in wireless site surveys before a building is 100% complete (including carpeting, glass, interior paint, etc...). What I am looking for is a tool that will give me a rough idea on access point placement and spacing. From what I can see, this software will allow me to import a floorplan and, using a GPS, it will allow me to create a signal strength map. Can this be done? At this time, I do the same thing by laying out a drawing and using my beer can to draw circles all over the place. I would like to move into the 21st century.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Yes it sounds like WirelessMon would suit your needs, if you can't get a suitable GPS signal inside the building you can also manually click on the sections of the map to take samples.