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WirelessMon 2.1 release

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  • WirelessMon 2.1 release

    The 2.1 release of WirelessMon is now available,, new features and bug fixes include;
    • Config file has been moved to Application Data folder to be more Vista friendly
    • Added "connected" instead of "available" status and different colour icon for connected access point in summary tab list
    • Added connection speed to summary screen
    • Added new option to load a new map if map is missing from project file, if map is the same map in a different location or a new map with the same dimensions then the samples in the project file wont be lost
    • Added interpolation function on the map tab to calculate signal strengths for blank areas of a signal strength map
    • Added reload cards button next to network card selection to reload the wireless cards in case configuration has changed
    • Added security method in use to Security column on summary tab for Vista if known
    • Changed behaviour when loading a new map in the map options, if map is same size current samples are no longer reset
    • Changed sorting behaviour slightly of access point list on summary tab and fixed a bug causing some columns to be sorted incorrectly
    • Fixed a crash in Vista that could occur when removing and adding USB wireless cards
    • Fixed bug when connecting to a SSID with a shorter name could leave old characters from the old name in the SSID description
    • Fixed bug where WirelessMon would try to auto-connect when an access point was open but SSID was hidden when selecting "Connect to access point". Now dialog will be displayed so SSID can be entered
    • Fixed a crash that could be caused by changing between available cards
    • Fixed some error messages when reconnecting to an access point after a resume
    • Fixed a bug where the wrong MAC address could be used when reconnecting after a resume
    • Fixed an error message when installing in Vista preventing WirelessMon from running at the end of the install process