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WirelessMon Version 3.0 released

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  • WirelessMon Version 3.0 released

    Version 3 is now available,

    • Added full support for WPA connections in Windows XP
    • Added a connection manager to store and retrieve connection details and passwords. This makes it much quicker to reconnect to known networks.
    • Added ability to connect correctly to AdHoc (peer to peer) networks
    • Added a new graph type (with 3 view options) to the summary tab
    • Added option to show 'A' channel networks for channel graph with radio button to switch between A and B/G
    • Added GPX output option for access point log
    • Changed mini window to use the selected palette when running in multi colour mode
    • Updated help file to newer HTML browser based format
    • Updated channel graph draw method to match new shaded graph type
    • Updated icons with "Vista" style icons
    • Fixed a bug in the graph tab where if an SSID was selected in the source drop down and new SSIDs were detected when on another tab an incorrect SSID would be selected when clicking back on the graph tab
    • Fixed a memory leak in the sample process to could eventually lead to a crash after running for a long time.
    • When loading a project file networks that were no longer in range displayed "Last seen" instead of "Last signal", this has been changed to be consistent with normal entries
    • Fixed a possible crash when loading project files
    • Fixed a bug with the logging options window where WirelessMon could prompt for a connect node log filename when this log was not selected
    • Fixed problem in Vista with SSIDs with the same name not displaying properly in list
    • Fixed crash caused when starting WirelessMon with no wireless network cards present
    • Fixed a bug that could prevent a timer from being created resulting in WirelessMon exiting and the error message "Could not start timer in update thread - exiting"
    • Support for additional Wireless cards

    The upgrade is a FREE UPGRADE for all customers who purchased the software but new keys are required. To receive an upgrade key for version 3 please see the upgrade page