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  • No data in log files

    using eval 3.0 1001

    i clicked the start logging button, waited for 5 min, clicked stop logging and all i get is headers in the aplogdata file.

    running vista home premium. no sp1.

    i just want a log of all data shown for each connection listed in the summary tab's data grid.

    all i get now is "

    Access Point Information


    Sample No.,Time,SSID,Channel,Encyption,RSSI,Support Rate,MAC Address,Network Type,Infrastructure Mode,First Seen Time,Last Seen Time


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    Possible problem.....

    I found that I could record the needed info if I turned off the "Append Date to Filename" function. But, this means manually renaming files after each session.


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      I haven't been able to replicate the problem yet (even with the append date option) but i believe you are same person who emailed us about the problem so we'll troubleshoot via email and i'll post a solution here.


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        It's my fault.....

        This entire thing is my fault. There is no problem with the code.

        Where you see the "Append Date to File Name" option, I assumed that the text box that followed was for me to put in the date format. I did not even pay attention the the "SSID Filter List" description next to this text box.

        Naturally when you put "YYYYMMDDhhmm" in this box, the application does not log anything because there is no WAP with an SSID of "YYYMMDDhhmm" to be found.

        Sorry about that! Too much work and not enough sleep can make for some really stupid mistakes.

        But, while I have you here, I hope its OK to make a suggestion or two.

        I thought it may be helpful to add a button to dump the contents of the summary listbox to a file. I have forgotten to click "Start Logging" and have missed some interesting data (1,051 entries collected over 3 hours of driving around town) because I could not print the data in the Summary listbox.

        Also, and maybe I missed this too, it would be nice to be able to tell the app to only list the latest data for any given MAC address. This would keep the data in the listbox smaller and would be a great help when you are war driving around town looking for free hotspots to list online. (Currently I import into Excel and delete all of the duplicate listings by hand.)

        Also, would it be possible to monitor 3 different antennae connected to the same laptop (for triangulating and finding rougue wireless access points on large campuses)? If so, right clicking an item in the Summary listbox and being able to select "Triangulate" to monitor just that wireless access point (most likely identifiable by its MAC address) with up to 3 antennae would be really cool.

        The idea of using 3 antennae to triangulate would be to have the left and right antenna offset by 25-45 degrees from the center antenna and to use the signal strengths of all 3 to point the antennae in the direction that shows the greatest signal strength in the center antennae and similar antennae strength in both side antennae.

        Thanks for your help and, again, sorry about that screw up.

        Thanks for your quick response! I'll be placing my order right after I click "send".

        Going to get some sleep now......


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          Glad to see it was an easy fix, we'll keep these suggestion in mind for a future version.