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  • First time question on logging

    Hi there,
    Stumbled across these forums/product and have downloaded the trial-with a view to buying it.
    I'm trying to map my neighborhood AP's-it's a personal project I've got on the go to see the proliferation of wi-fi.I've been using a program called wi-fi hopper, but it seems a bit unstable, especially when I'm using a Bluetooth laptop to PDA connection.So I've started using yours

    My question is around logging-I like the idea of saving to .gpx files as this makes things a lot easier for getting it up on my website-but it looks a bit sparse on the information.

    Is there any way to customise the output, or create a new file, that allows the user to choose what fields to include? I'm thinking that as well as GPS co-ordinates and the AP name, what about the encryption type (WEP/WPA/WPA-2), speed, first time seen. Basically what you see on the main screen ( that's another point-is there a way of displaying the GPS co-ordinates of the AP's on the main screen?)
    I notice that the when I open the gpx file up in Firefox and it shows the xml formatting (?) the time is there-but I dont see this when I upload to Google Maps?
    My first impression is that this looks a really good app but I'd like to have more control of what you can save as an output



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    Currently no, WirelessMon will only save the signal strength, channel and if security is required in the description, we'll keep it in mind to allow which fields to pick for a future version.

    After importing into Google Earth it doesn't seem to show the time or the description, though while you can't see the time for a single way point there should be a time bar displayed in Google earth that you can use to pick a time to scroll to the way points that were active at that moment.

    There isn't a way of showing the GPS co-ordinates of the access points on the summary screen, we'll keep it in mind similar to the way the signal strength is displayed, only the most recent position would be shown.