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Colors on Channel Graph on Sumary Tab

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  • Colors on Channel Graph on Sumary Tab

    Do the colors mean something? I'm assuming that red means there are a lot of nearby APs on the channel, yellow means fewer and green means fewer still. Correct?

    Out of the top six APs 3 are on 11 (red), and 3 are on 6 (yel).

    Is there an advantage to changing my AP to something other than 11? Is there an accepted way to do this? Like alternate channels? Odd channels? Would 8 or 9 be the best choice between 6 and 11?

    Thanks... Bob

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    The colour of the bar will change depending on the number of access points on that channel, in the order green (least amount of access points), blue, orange then red (highest amount of access points). This is a cumulative graph of all the channels that had access points detected on them.

    There are 3 non-overlapping channels for the 2.4GHz 802.11B/G/N range, 1, 6 and 11 which is why most wireless routers will be set to one of these for their factory default. The best channel is likely to be the one with the smallest number of other wireless networks on it or using the channels around it, as the more networks there are the higher the chance of interference.

    You can see how the channels overlap each other here.