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WirelessMon - error message

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  • WirelessMon - error message


    I'm new wirelessmon and having trouble getting started. After I installed it, I have been getting the following error message;

    Failed to open the wireless networking device.
    170 The requested resource is in use.

    As suggested in the prompt as well, I have disabled the service Wireless Zero Configuration to "Stopped" and "Manual".

    I have a few screenshots to show, however, I have not found how to insert the images yet. Could someone explain how.

    I'm keen to get this fixed asap as I am using the evaluation copy and have time to check it out as I'm on holidays this week.


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    If the the zero config service is already disabled it's possible there is another program running that is controlling the network card, for example any software provided by the manufacturer for connecting to access points.

    It isn't possible to attach images to a post in the forum, though you can add a link to an image that is hosted online already (eg via a service like or, or you could email us the screenshot via our contact details page.


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      Hi Tim,
      Are you suggesting that since some other program is using or controlling the network card that I will not be able to use wirelessmon?

      So you are aware, I'm try to read the signal strength of the kids laptops/xBox and try to improve the strength by purchasing better antenna's and possibly a repeater or two. Is wirelessmon going to help me in this area? I need the ability to measure the strength.

      I own a D-Link Modem (DSL-302G) that is connected to a D-Link Router (DIR-655). Recently, I bought a repeater (TP-Link 300Mbps Wireless N Access Point) and that's working successfully to get internet access to my Panasonic DVD Recorder.

      On order are 5 @ 10dbi antenna's that should arrive soon. Am I on the right track here? I want to see that the antenna's and repeater makes a difference. Thanks in advance.



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        It's a possibility, you should check if there are any utility programs that were installed with the network card and if they can be temporarily disabled. What sort of network card are you using?


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          It's on the Asus P4G8X Deluxe Motherboard called a Broadcom 5702 - 10/100/1000 Ethernet Network Adapter. The motherboard is probably 6 to 7 years old now - it's still a gigabit ethernet though.

          Details are here;

          Would I be in a better position if I got the latest network card? if so, what would you recommend? - I will probably upgrade my motherboard soon anyway. Am I better off with an independent card rather than one on a motherboard?

          I have struggled understanding how wireless networking works, though I am getting there slowly. It was satisfying getting the repeater working in wireless N - I just don't know how strong the signal is.


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            This motherboard doesn't seem to have a wireless network card, which is required by WirelessMon to detect and report on wireless network strengths.

            To check the signal strength of your network where it matters most (eg near the XBox/DVD) you should install WirelessMon on one of the laptops, this should let you check the signal strength at different locations around your home.


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              Thanks for all your assistance - it's great to see good service even though on this occasion it didn't work out. Have a great day