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WirelessMon 2.0 Public Beta - Release 6

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  • WirelessMon 2.0 Public Beta - Release 6

    *Update 23-May-2006*

    WirelessMon version 2 is now available. Please see for more information.


    After a lot of work, we are pleased to announce that a public beta of WirelessMon 2.0 is now available.

    The main new features are;
    • GPS support added
    • A Map tab has been added. You can select an image to display and then click on areas of the image or use GPS co-ordinates to take a sample of SSID strengths. This allows a Wireless coverage map to be generated.
    • Zooming in and out of the map and placing access point icons on the map.
    • Redesigned user interface with new menu and toolbar. The original buttons and configuration tab have been removed, settings can be changed under the configuration menu.
    • Ability to connect to an access point
    • A channel graph showing the channels in use (and potential interference)
    • A count of secure and insecure access points found
    • Re-sizable window

    Please be aware this is a beta version and there are probably still a few bugs, if you have a bug to report or comments to make please email us at help [at] passmark [dot] com. Below are some images from version 2.0.

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    Main window screen shot of WirelessMon 2

    This screen shot shows the new main window of WirelessMon V2


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      New dialog to connect to access point

      The connect to access point dialog.


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        Indoor signal strength map

        A indoor signal strength map created of the PassMark offices.


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          A screenshot showing WirelessMon being used with a GPS unit to map signal strengths, of just insecure networks, down a main street in Sydney


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            Up until the public release of the V2 software, we will be giving out free copies of the final software to anyone who,

            1) Finds a legitimate bug in the beta

            2) E-Mails us a nice looking map (JPG or PNG file) and the saved project file showing wireless network coverage in their local area.