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  • RSSI values not refreshing


    I often notice that the RSSI (received signal strength indicator) values in Graph View aren't refreshing. Instead of seeing the values consistently going up and down, I often see a flat line showing a constant RSSI value for every SSID that I include on the graph. Usually this doesn't happen right after starting WirelessMon, but mostly after running it for an hour or more. So in the beginning the graph line is going up and down, reflecting the actual variations in signal strength, but after an hour or so it becomes a flat horizontal line, meaning that the last received signal strength value has gotten kind of "stuck". At the same time in the Summary tab the values in the RSSI column no langer change, but show a constant value for each SSID on the list. This can only mean that for some obscure reason WirelessMon is not getting any fresh input for the RSSI from the system to show, so that the RSSI values that are shown can't be considered to reflect the actual situation anymore. Tim Rowling of Passmark Software suspects that this is probably due to an obscure bug in Windows XP. And because this kind of unwanted behaviour is not confined to WirelessMon, but also occurs with other WiFi scanning software such as inSSIDer and Xirrus, that might very well be the case. Tim also said that he's received only one earlier report of such a case, and that he doesn't expect this to happen in Windows 7. I'm running Windows XP SP3 with all the essential updates installed on my computer, with a Cisco Linksys AE1000 usb network adapter using the latest available driver.

    If there is indeed such a bug in Windows, that may perhaps make it essentially impossible for any WiFi scanning software running on such an afflicted platform to show the correct actual RSSI values, which would be quite nasty.

    I surely hope that other people will comment on this topic if they have experienced this same kind of behaviour in WirelessMon, so that the extent of this problem can be appraised and/or to get suggestions about how to solve it.
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