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GPS map calibration problems

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  • GPS map calibration problems

    I do have problem to get the map set with the right GPS location.
    I load a map of google of my location (screenshot BMP).
    then GPS location->Set using GPS
    I set point 1 to my start position.
    Walked about 300 meters away ( both lat and long difference, )
    I set point 2 to my positoin then.

    1)The strange thing is that the cursor location is alway a different number then the loaction i just did mark.
    2) if press ok and look at the map config the top left and bottom right are also not within the good range.

    my questions are

    Is there anyone who did test this funtion on the north part of the globe ?.
    (i think there is maybe a calculation problem with the coordinates).

    The coordinates that i see as current location are correct if i compair them to the value on the GPS. (about lat 52.09602 long 5.08590)

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    In the gerenal options where the GPS settings are there is a checkbox "Log raw data". Could you please enable this option and send the "serialLog.txt" file that is created to me (timr [at] passmark [dot] com). A few minutes of valid GPS readings will be fine.


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      I just send you the log file of the GPS data.
      The neighbors did start asking what i was doing with a laptop and GPS walking around and around to nowhere
      I just told them that I was helping a guy in Sydney with a map