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No stats for Intel pro/wireless 2100

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  • No stats for Intel pro/wireless 2100

    I have an Intel pro/wireless 2100 Network Connection adapter in my laptop running Win XP pro SP1. I am only able to get tx packet and rcv packet stats. All other 802.11 MAC stats show N/A. Everything else seems to be working fine. I would assume from this that the adapter is not NDIS compliant, but researching WHQL makes me question this. As I understand, hardware that is WHQL certified is NDIS compliant in that NDIS is a subset of WHQL.

    Is this card not fully NDIS compliant or am I doing something wrong?

    I'm currently running the demo version of WirelessMon.

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    Not all the NDIS functions may be supported by the network card, even though it may support most of the NDIS functions it's up to the manufacturer and the device driver what is supported and what isn't. So it sounds like for that card the function to get the statistics isn't supported.