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What types/brands of GPS are usable with Wirelessmon 2.0

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  • Floxapen
    Many thanks.
    Enjoy !


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  • Tim (PassMark)
    You should be able to use your GPS providing it uses the NMEA messages GPGGA or GPRMC. It should be outlined in the documentation for your GPS whether it is NMEA compatible or not. You will need to enter the correct serial setting for your GPS into WirelessMon (baud rate, stop bits etc) and the COM port that it is connected on, again these setting should be outlined in the GPS documentation.

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  • What types/brands of GPS are usable with Wirelessmon 2.0

    Dear Folks,

    I'm a newbie in combination "RF monitoring softwares & GPS".

    I started to test the Wirelessmon 2.0 built 1007 evaluation version since a couple of days.
    Wonderfull piece of software !!

    Before buying a Wirelessmon pro licence, I'd like to know if it's possible to
    use my Tomtom GO500 to provide the GPS data? (via USB ou Bluetooth)
    And, if yes.... how?

    My question is mainly about the connection and data exchange between devices (drivers, softs, etc)
    Map calibration and setup looks easy

    Many thanks for your help