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System clock error message when my pc time is 2090/01/01,

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  • System clock error message when my pc time is 2090/01/01,

    please help! when i am run burnintest 3.2 pro,it will get error message on
    screen,can you tell me why burnintest 3.2 have limit to date ??

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    I think the link to the error image is actually,

    There is some software in BurnInTest that enforces the 30 day evaluation period. If you change the time on your PC backwards and forwards then this can trigger the software into thinking that you are trying to avoid the 30day expiry period in the evaluation version.

    If you have a ligitmate reason for needing to do this with the evaluation version then you can send an E-mail to support [at] passmark [dot] com and we can fix it up.

    BTW: We have not tested the software with dates this far in the future but would not expect any problems.



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      Dear david:
      thanks for your reply!
      but my burnintest3.2 pro have your company License key !so I think
      this problem doesn't "30 day evaluation" question!
      on my three platform ,i often burn motherboard with burnintest3.2 pro
      so I find when BIOS time is 2090/01/01 or 2000/01/01, The program
      can't run and have error message(report code CCB-F),
      (>_< Sorry! i don't understand show you error message pic with web,the pic on )

      but when I to adjust BIOS time, the burnintest3.2 pro is can run every process?????It's real torment to me?@_@


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        Clock backward and forward errors

        It is recommened that the system time be correctly set before starting BurnInTest.

        Where there is a legitimate reason to modify the date, there is a way around this for a licenced user. If you email your proof of purchase (UserName and key) to support [at] passmark [dot] com we will describe this. Please note that at this point in time BurnInTest supports dates up to 2038.