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serial port test problem, is it a bug ?

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  • serial port test problem, is it a bug ?

    I bought a copy of burnintest linux version several weeks ago,my Order Number: U22175318

    I do more test for serial port using burnintest linux, I have found more problems

    the first problem I have wrote a email to, I can not save serial port test configuration to cfg file, I choose 'detect test only and save to a cfg file", but when I restart and load the cfg file again, the configuration turn back to" detect and loopback test",

    the second problem is the serial port can not run as I wanted, for example I choose " detect test only" and start to run, but the program still run as " detect and loopback test" .

    by the way , I have changed all the file to " 777" privilege and do all the test as "root", I do the test under kunbuntu 6.10 and kubuntu7.04, the same erros occur

    please find a way to solve these problems , thanks

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    We are looking into what could be causing this. If anyone else has seen this issue could you please let us know.

    ** Update **

    It seems this was a misunderstanding with how the configuration options were displayed and not a bug.
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