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Using BurnIn Test 4.0 on Vista

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  • Using BurnIn Test 4.0 on Vista

    Recently we have had to start selling Vista on clients PC that we are selling due to our supplier no longer selling XP.

    Last night i ran burn in test with USB, Serial and Paralled loop back plugs installed.
    When i got in this morning i found i had errors for all tests related to the loop back plugs, telling me there was an error with the drivers.

    Does this mean that Ver 4 is not compatible with Vista or do i need to download additional drives for the loopback plugs?

    Thanks in advance

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    The USB2.0 device drivers were updated for Vista 32bit and Vista 64bit. You can download them here,

    We are not suppoting the discontinued USB1 plugs on Vista.

    There are no special drivers for the serial plugs. As Windows has native support for serial ports. There is a driver for the parallel port and it is built into BurnInTest.

    V4 of BurnInTest was initially released in early 2004. We are not supporting BurnInTest V4 on Vista (even though it might mostly work OK).

    We do support V5 of BurnInTest on Vista however.