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Burn-in v5.2 test show Error: Access violation at 0x101BF7C in Vista

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  • Burn-in v5.2 test show Error: Access violation at 0x101BF7C in Vista

    I have run urn-in v5.2 test about 10 hours under Vista and it will shoe error message.
    It will prompts error message:"Error: Access violation at 0x101BF7CB (tried to read from 0x00000000). program terminated.

    Run test item :
    CPU-Maths ,CPU-SIMD,Memory(RAM),2D Graphics,3D Graphics,Disk,Network,Sound.

    Test system is :
    CPU : T5600/1.83GHz
    Memory :512M x 2

    Please help analyze. Thanks,

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    Was this a one off fault or a repeatable error?
    Does the problem also happen in the latest version of BurnInTest, V5.3?

    If it is a repeatable error, does it always occur after 10hours and always with the same crash address?

    If it is a repeatable error, can you try an isolate the problem to just 1 particular test. e.g. just the RAM test, or just the 3D test.

    Does this happen on only a single machine or do you have other examples of the same model of machine, and all the machines exhibit the same fault.


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      Hi Sir,
      After I had check this symptom only occur run 3D test over 3hr. All the machines have get this same message. Due to our system can not run V5.3.( Some AP conflict). Do you have any suggestion about 3D test fail message ? Video is intel.


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        It is most likely a software issues and not a hardware issue. Do you have the latest Vista device drivers installed?

        What exactly is the problem with V5.3? It would be better if you could run V5.3.