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BurnInTest ver 5.3 2D Graphics failed

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  • BurnInTest ver 5.3 2D Graphics failed

    We are using BIT 5.3 for our production line. Many systems failed the 2D Graphics test when tested with many other components. However, they won't fail if the 2D graphics test is done separately.

    Does the 2D grahpics test have some minimum latency requirement?

    How do we resolve this issue?


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    There is no minimum latency requirement is our software.

    What is the error message, O/S, & system specs?


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      Same Issue WIN 2003 Sever

      I experience the Same issue with WIN 2003 Server edition. Only Video play back works. 2D and 3D graphics fails. Of course 2003 is not a gaming OS but 2D I would think could pass. The DirectX is up to date.

      I have noticed, using another graphics testing program, that a video test using a "video to memory test" is fails. But the standard graphics tests pass.

      Could it be the type of vidoe test Bitpro uses ?

      Thanx for posting this question


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        W2003 server by default has DirectDraw and Direct3D hardware acceleration disabled. You can change this by:

        Start -> Control Panel -> Display, Settings tab, Advanced button, Troubleshoot tab, for the 2D and 3D tests you will need to move the Hardware Acceleration slider to a higher value to enable DirectDraw and Direct3D.

        If after checking this you still have problems, please post the specific error messages and test configuration.



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          Test Results With Hw Accelerator On


          Thanx for looking at this.

          The HW acceleration is set to Full. I ran only the 2D graphics test. The error is "Hardware only - DirectDraw object creation not possible"

          From the test preferences, 2D Graphics, I have tried all options listed.

          -Local Video Memory Only - Fail with Hardware only - DirectDraw object creation not possible"
          -All Video Memory - Fail Same
          -Lines and Bitmaps - Passes
          -EMC Scrolling Characters - Fills the entire screen with HHHHH pattern. It takes over the display. I assume it passes.

          System is P4 3.0GHz
          ATI Radeon 7000M on board
          1GB memory
          Win 2003 server


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            "The Hardware only - DirectDraw object creation not possible" error indicates that the test can not run because Hardware accelerated DirectDraw (part of DirectX) is not available on the system.

            It typically due to the hardware acceleration setting you have already checked, in some cases the graphics card can have its own 'control centre' - you should also look through this and see if Hardware accelerated DirectDraw is disabled. Other things that could lead to this are the graphics card not supporting DirectDraw (very old cards), the graphics card device driver or DirectX. So, I would also check you have the latest version of the graphics card device driver.

            If this does not help, you could produce a level 2 trace file of the 2D video memory test and post it or send it to help [at] passmark [dot] com. This may show us specifically where this error is being generated from.

            In regards to the Scrolling H's test, this test basically generates a 'standard's based" (ANSI standard C63.4-1992) test pattern that can be used for measuring EMC levels on monitors with external equipment. 0 errors means that the test pattern was displayed correctly.