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Problem with Windows - Error allocating RAM

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  • Problem with Windows - Error allocating RAM

    Is it possible that if windows is corrupt enough or has serious enough problems that burn in test may give incorrect readings???
    I have a computer in which i have tried 3 different types of RAM and it always comes up with "Error allocating RAM from windows".
    I have read up about the error message in the FAQ, but i am only testing 256 at the most at the moment.

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    Problem with Windows - Error allocating RAM

    This error does not indicate that there is a physical problem with the stick of RAM and changing RAM will not fix it.

    Go to the RAM tab in the preferences window and check the 'log memory allocations box' then run the tests until you get the error, then save a log file and post it here or mail it to support.

    This might mean that the whole PC is short on RAM (maybe you have a fixed sized swap file that needs expanding or something else using a lot of ram in your PC).

    The normal cause for this error is that Windows indicates that it has a lot of RAM available but when you ask it to allocate a big block of the free RAM it fails becuase the memory is fragmented into many small pieces. (and this can be normal Windows behaviour)

    This error should also only happen when the Standard memory test is used. If you swap to using either the Advanced test or Torture, you should not get this error becuase they both allocate memory in smaller blocks and fragmentation is not so much if an issue.