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Another Acces Violation

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  • Another Acces Violation

    I have two servers running Win 2003 Server. Each has identical hardware.

    P4 3.0GHz
    1GB PC 3200 memory
    ATI RADEON 7000M On board Video Chip
    82875P INTEL Chip

    I set both systems up running BIT-Pro 5.1
    CPU-math, CPU- SIMD, Memory, Disk A, Disk C, Network 1, CD/DVD, Video playback (2D and 3D test give immediate error)

    After 64 hrs one unit failed with "Error Access violation at 0x0039CBBA
    (tried to write to 0x00F0BEFF) program terminated.

    Any idea how to trace this down? Or what the address locations point to? I am now running just Memory and Video playback to start eliminating issues.
    Lastly, Why was no log file available with the error or at least program terminated unexpectedly on DD/MM/YY at HH/MM/SEC ?.

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    I would reduce tests and see if you can narrow down the problem to a single test, just as you are doing. I would suspect the Video or Network tests, and would ensure you have the latestest drivers for the graphics and Network hardware and have the latest Windows Service Packs.

    BurnInTest is not able to report this type of error (as with any Windows program) because the error is actually detected by Windows, rather than by BurnInTest.