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Running Burn In Test v4 from a CD errors when test stops.

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  • Running Burn In Test v4 from a CD errors when test stops.

    I have a multi computer setup where I am testing multiple computers at once. I have made a CD that autoruns the software with bit.exe /c 5part.cfg /r

    After it starts I remove the cd and go onto the next machine.

    However there are 2 problems, one minor and one major that I am hoping you may have some insight to.

    The minor problem, the sound files do not play, is there a way I can get around this, if not no big deal I will not test the sound.

    The major problem is when the test finishes I have the software auto close and run another program. This is the ideal way I want this set up, however when the test stops I get an error that the wrong volume is in the CD i need to get past this item without having to make a cd for each machine I am burning in.


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    Is there an easy way to edit the configuration files without loading them on an appropriate system? Hex editor perhaps or another util?


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      Running BurnInTest from CD

      To support the Sound test, you need to configure the Sound preferences such that the Wave and Midi files point to the location on the CD, for example if BurnInTest is to be run from drive D:, the set up could be, "D:\TestSound.wav" and "D:\TestSound.mid" for the Wave and Midi files respectively. If BurnInTest is to be run from CD drives with different drive letters, eg. E:\bit.exe, you will need to make a configuration file for each CD drive that BurnInTest will be run from. So, you might for example create a second configuration file for a CD drive E, with set up, "E:\TestSound.wav" and "E:\TestSound.mid" set-up.

      The "Wrong Volume" error message would occur if the CD had been removed before BurnInTest had closed. The CD must remain in the drive until BurnInTest closes, as BurnInTest may require additional data from the CD. If you need to test multiple PC's simultaneously using a CD, you will need to burn multiple CD's. If this is not the case here, please let me know.

      Configuration files should not be edited with external editors.

      Best regards,
      PassMark Software