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  • Linux Command Line Version

    There is now a command line version of BurnInTest Linux available that does not require an X Windows / KDE environment to run (and as such does not support the 2D and 3D tests). The command line version also has a 64 bit version in the download.

    For more information and the download link see

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    Both the 32bit and 64bit command line versions are included free when you purchase BurnInTest for Linux. The same license key will will work in the graphical version and the command line versions of the software.

    This is what the command line version it looks like in action running from the Linux Shell.


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      (Un)Documented configuration options

      With a 30-day evaluation version on hand I've started reviewing the command-line tool on our Intel Xeon based appliances. And I have to say that tests are looking very good.

      Also, we did not encounter any issues with 16Gb of memory, as it was posted in this topic. It is an Intel issue though that you'll have to enable PAE (Physical Address Extention) for over 4Gb of memory in the system's BIOS. Otherwise, the Linux kernel will see 16Gb, but is only able to address 4Gb.

      Anyway... The only thing missing in the current command-line version is the documentation of configuration options. For example on the Memory testing. In the Windows/GUI versions it's possible to choose specific tests (sequence, zero's, ones, etc..) but in the CLI version it seems you can only run a cyclic test.
      Is this right?

      Are there any other configuration options, not yet documented in the config file which can be used?
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