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The burnIn test result not displayed, monitor blank.

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  • The burnIn test result not displayed, monitor blank.

    After running test for BurnInTest, there should be window come up with result "PASS" or "FAIL", but in my computer not displayed anything.
    How this can be happen ..? in another computers the result was displayed.

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    When you say the minotor was blank, do you mean totally blank? If the Monitor was totally blank, was actually connected? Was Windows still running? Maybe the PC had a fault and shut itself down?


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      Did you leave the screensaver enabled while it was running? If so, it can take some time to exit the screensaver. Try pressing the START key a few times and wait for the computer to respond. If this is definitely after the test is run and/or you didn't have the screensaver enabled, then it's probably a hardware fault like Passmark said.


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        We have come across this problem alot while using the MSI K6NGSM motherboard (Socket AM2).
        We found that a BIOS update helped (v1.6 -> v1.9).
        However, as has been previously mentioned, Power Saving options can also prevent the computer coming out of screensaver mode while running BIT