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Information request for temperature testing

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  • Information request for temperature testing

    I am looking to get information regarding the temperature testing in Burn-In Test. If you have any info on how to set up a temperature test on a PC?

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    Temperature monitoring setup information

    PassMark software does not produce a temperature monitoring application, however we do provide support for many third party system monitoring applications currently available. By using BurnInTest with these applications, is it possible to Burn in your hardware while monitoring and logging the temperature of your CPU(s) and/or your motherboard.

    In the case of each temperature monitoring application?

    - Check that your mainboard supports temperature monitoring. This can be done from the documentation that comes with the board / computer or from the manufacturers web page.

    - Ensure that the third party monitoring application is correctly installed. See below for a list of supported applications.

    - Check that third party monitoring application supports your motherboard. Each application comes with a list of supported boards. See below for more details on the supported applications.

    - Check that the third party monitoring application is a compatible version. See below for a list of compatible versions.
    - Run the third party monitoring application, then Run BurnInTest.
    - Make sure temperature monitoring is turned on in BurnInTest (from the Test preferences Window) and if required, the temperature source value is selected. For Hmonitor, up to two sources can be selected for display and logging in BurnInTest.
    - Start testing.

    BurnInTest reads the CPU temperature values from the third party monitoring application, displaying them on the screen and writing them to disk if logging is turned on. Please bear in mind that the accuracy of the temperature values in BurnInTest depend entirely on the third party application in question.

    Information on the third party products that BurnInTest interfaces to is contained on our website. Specific details as to the setup of the third party applications can be found on the applicable web site. See:

    The BurnInTest help file and User guide contain information on the temperature monitoring. The users guide can be downloaded from this page,