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BurnInTest has stopped working.

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  • David (PassMark)
    The Access violation message is a very general error message. Fixing one bug that generates this error message doesn't mean that all bugs that generate this message are fixed. It can also be related to problems in 3rd party software (like device drivers) and hardware failures (e.g. bad RAM). So without knowing a lot more details about the issue, (crash addresses, tests being run, etc..) it is hard to comment on what it might be.

    We did recently change the error reporting mechanism in BurnInTest, so in fact the crash might be the same as the crash with the previous version. But the reporting of the crash can now look different.

    If you see the error box with the option, "Report this problem to Microsoft", then PLEASE DO THIS. We now collecting this information and it is often detailed enough to for us to quickly locate problems (or ignore them if they appear to be hardware failures).

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  • vincent_chen
    started a topic BurnInTest has stopped working.

    BurnInTest has stopped working.

    Dear Sir,

    At the beginning, we found "Error: Access violation at 0xXXXXXX" error message with BurnInTest v5.3.1004.
    The first action we thinked is to find the BurnInTest update history to see if any update is related to this problem.
    Luckyly we find there is an update in v5.3.1010 is related to this error message.
    So we use latest BurnInTest v5.3.1011 V2 to test again.
    Now we didn't find "Error: violation at 0xXXXXXX" message anymore.
    But we see any problem "BurnInTest has stopped working".

    Could you give us some suggestion for this problem?

    Fail rate: 10 %
    OS: Vista Home Premium

    Best regards,