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Combining Command Line Arguments Fails

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  • David (PassMark)
    Glad you sorted it out.

    I think it is normal that "/smemory" is not the same as "/s memory".

    It is the same as the common Linux command "ls -ls*" not being the same as "ls -l s*". Isn't it?

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  • wamorita
    started a topic Combining Command Line Arguments Fails

    Combining Command Line Arguments Fails

    In trying to specify "/s <script_name>" and "/r" on the same command line call to bit.exe, the "/r" seem to be always ignored whether it precedes or trails the script specification.
    It would appear that to load a script and execute it requires two calls to bit.exe.


    bit.exe /r /s memory # This fails to start the memory test

    bit.exe /s memory
    bit.exe /r # This forces execution of the currently loaded configuration, not limited to memory

    Being able to load a script file specified on the command line is relatively useless unless you can get it to execute.

    Note: Rebooting does not seem to help.

    Is there a setting someplace that suppresses the "/r" in conjunction with other options?

    Additionally further testing has yielded weakness in the parsing of the command line options.
    "/smemory" is not the same as "/s memory". The documentation is not clear on this and a person familiar to Unix/Linux would assume they are equivalent.

    Solved issue:
    "/s memory" and "/s memory.bits" are not equivalent
    If ".bits" is not present, the script is processed to the point of only selecting the "memory" tests.
    If ".bits" is present, execution proceeds as expected.
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