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  • no free memory for buffer....

    During testing CD ROM the mistake is given out:"no free memory for buffer". What does it mean?

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    Error: No free memory for buffer

    BurnInTest allocates larger memory buffers when it needs them for a test (eg. a 16K memory buffer for store random data to write and verify each disk) and then releases the memory when it no longer needs it. This error message is displayed when this type of memory allocation fails, ie. the system has run out of memory (physical or virtual)

    This is more likely if:
    (i) You have a small amount of physical + virtual memory
    (ii) You have performance tuned for Windows (System Cache) rather then applications
    (iii) You are using the memory test together with a large number of disks/CD tests at the same time.
    Note: BurnInTest requires 32MB RAM or more.

    A number of things you could do:
    - Increase the size of your paging file (Virtual memory) - Control panel, System, Advanced, Performance - Settings, Advanced, Virtual Memory - Change, then compare setting to the recommended size that is displayed and increase accordingly.

    - Change memory usage from System Cache to Programs - Control panel, System, Advanced, Performance - Settings, Advanced, Memory Usage - Programs.

    - Reduce the number of simultaneous memory and disk/cd tests. Eg. Serialise these tests with scripting. You should not need to do this - but it is another option.

    Best regards,