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No operations reported in timeout period, SOUND, BIT V5.3 Pro

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  • No operations reported in timeout period, SOUND, BIT V5.3 Pro

    I have had problems on and off with several different versions of BurnIn Test Pro, where I will get "No operations reported in timeout period", most often this occurs with just the Sound test, but it sometimes appears in other tests.

    This has happened on a variety of hardware (all Intel CPU based.) Reducing the duty cycle seems to help the problem SOMETIMES. I have also found that just re-running the test usually fixes the problem.

    I can get this to happen with CPU math at 1% Duty cycle, CPU SIMD at 8%, Ram torture at 2%, 2d Graphics at 50%, and Sound at 50%.

    The only other applications running is SpeedFan 4.33 and Sound recorder (the window is just sitting open.)

    If I remove the 2D Graphics test, it will pass w/o a problem.

    The system is running XP Pro SP2, 1 GHz Celeron M, 1GB of Ram, Intel 8285X Integrated Graphics controller. The pain of it is, if I rerun the test, even with a lot more stuff selected to run, it will pass.


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    This error indicates that the sound test did not start.

    When you get this problem, how long do you run the tests for?

    Can you take a Trace 2 level log (Preferences -> Logging) and email the *.trace files to
    help [at] passmark [dot] com